Return to Riding: COVID-19 Safety

Updated: 3rd December 2020

We want you to ride safely and, of course, have fun. To do this whilst being COVID Safe we have had to implement some changes to how we run and participate in Pony Club events.

Below you will find information on how to keep yourself safe at events and help to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

By following these measures, we will all be able to continue to ride together and keep safe.

Health screening measures will be implemented at the gate entrance and will include a temperature check and all attendees must complete the registration form upon arrival and departure (electronic, accessed via QR code on your phone).

To enter the TPC Grounds for any event, you must (riders, parents, coaches, volunteers, spectators etc):

  • Not have COVID-19 or has been in direct contact with a known case of COVID-19 in the previous 14 days.
  • Do not have flu-like symptoms or respiratory systems (even mild)
  • Have not travelled internationally in the previous 14 days
  • Temperature must be less than 37.5 degrees Celsius
  • Register attendance as you arrive, and register your departure as you leave.

These conditions must be followed for everyone to be COVIDSafe and abide by government directives.

Transportation & Arrival

  • Please ensure you arrive in your uniform ready to ride.
  • You must provide your own helmet, gloves, crops and other associated equipment. You cannot share anyone else’s equipment or tack so make sure you have everything packed.
  • To keep numbers down and below mandatory density requirements, we request that any spectators are just close family or friends, and kept to a minimum.
  • Please arrive at your allocated time, no earlier.
  • You will have to “sign in” and have a temperature check upon arrival. Please wait at the gates until you are authorised to enter.
  • Do not park close to others – you need to be able to do 1.5m social distancing, including around floats. Floats must be at least 4m apart.
  • Shared floating arrangements of horses is permitted, however cars can only contain household members. Personal hygiene and social distancing must be maintained.
  • Participants are recommended to not use public transport or shared ride services such as taxi’s or Uber. If you must use these services, then social distancing and hygiene measures must be followed.
  • Use hand sanitiser on arrival and regularly throughout the day. We will have some available for you as well.

Looking After Your Horse

  • Only every second yard can be used (unless all horses are from a ‘bubble’), so if there is no yard available for you:
    • Riders with portable yards will be permitted to set up their own yard as long as distancing measure are maintained.
    • Horses are permitted to be tied and prepared at floats. Floats must be parked with adequate space to ensure social distancing is maintained. Remember to keep 4 metres between floats.
  • Please provide your own water bucket (and water if possible) for your horse.
    • If you cannot bring your own water, please use disposable gloves to operate the tap, and sanitise your hands afterwards.
  • Please ensure you bring your own horse feed and bucket.
  • Please ensure you bring your own poo scoops, as you cannot use the communal ones, or share with others.

Getting Ready to Ride

  • Only you and your helper can groom and tack up your horse. If you need help you can ask, but others cannot touch your gear. They can instruct you verbally.
  • Gear check will be non-contact. Riders and helpers will be expected to perform the gear check under the supervision of the instructor or Gear Check Steward.
  • Please do not share grooming gear and tack – even if you have forgotten something. If it is unavoidable, please ask someone for the disinfectant and make sure the shared equipment is clean before handing over. Please be aware that the disinfectant may affect the items surface, especially if leather, and this is at your own risk.


  • Follow your instructors’ directions and any directional signage.
  • Arena gates and all equipment in use can only be opened/closed/moved by the instructor or designated parent.
  • Please do not touch any equipment even to reset it for the next person. Leave this for the designated people to do.
  • All equipment must be cleaned and disinfected between uses. No sharing of equipment during riding either (eg during games).
  • Remember, no contact is allowed including high fives.
  • Have fun but remember, no contact with others and keep your distance.

Packing up

  • Please pack up your gear promptly and load your horse for a speedy departure – but drive slowly and safely especially as others will be around the vehicles packing up too.
  • All participants are expected to leave within 30 mins of their training session ending.
  • Sanitise your hands before leaving.
  • Make sure you “check out” before leaving the grounds.
  • Clean all your tack and gear well when you return home.

Staying Safe at Pony Club

  • Please do not attend if in the past 14 days you, or your helper have:
    • Been unwell or had any flu-like symptoms.
    • Been in contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19.
    • Been overseas in the past 14 days or been in contact with a person that has travelled overseas in the past 14 days.
    • Had any respiratory symptoms (even if mild).
  • Avoid coughing, clearing nose, spitting etc. Use and bin tissues if you need to cough or sneeze.
  • No contact is allowed including high fives/hand shaking/hugs. You can wave enthusiastically at each other.
  • You MUST maintain your 1.5m social distancing from other people not in your household. You are allowed to talk a bit louder so your friends can hear you.
  • Please use the supplied hand sanitiser regularly.
  • Install and use the COVIDSAFE app.
  • No sharing of personal equipment or food items and water/drink bottles is allowed.
  • Please bring your own food and drinks.
  • We recommend you bring own portable chairs for your comfort. No communal or shared chairs will be available.
  • Increased cleaning of toilets and high touch surfaces will be undertaken by our wonderful parent volunteers throughout the event.
  • If you or your helper become unwell during the event and displays flu-like symptoms, please let your instructor, or a TPC committee member know immediately and stay away from others by remaining with your car. Others will help you with your horse and gear.